August 2, 2013 by Greater Manchester, News, Salford

Linzi Ashton ‘Pamper Day’ success in Salford

404 Not Found Salford, UK – Friday 2 August 2013: Young people currently engaged on the Rio Ferdinand Foundation-supported hair and beauty training programme in Salford held a special charity ‘Pamper Day’ on Friday 2nd August in memory of their very close friend Linzi Ashton who was recently murdered in Salford.

The day took place at the Salford Opportunity Centre in Paddington Close, Salford and was the idea of Michelle Arstall, one of those young people on the programme and Rio Ferdinand Foundation Ambassador who is also a close friend of Linzi’s family.

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“It’s been a fantastic afternoon in which we have raised money for a great cause and it has allowed us to practise our new skills and qualifications from our recent nail course,” said Michelle. “We have met new staff and really enjoyed ourselves – a big thank you to Salford City Council and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation for giving us the opportunity.”

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One of those who was pampered was Dave and he was happy to put his feet up. “I really enjoyed it,” he said with a smile. “It’s really good that our young people are doing well and putting something back into the community – I had a brilliant afternoon.”

Marie, another receiver of pampering, was impressed by the quality of service on offer. “This afternoon has been an absolute pleasure,” she exclaimed. “I had my nails revamped from the young people who were highly professional and very competent with the work.

“It has been a joy to watch their development through the courses and to now see them help other young people and their families who may be less fortunate than themselves.”

£328.85 was raised from the event will go to the Linzi Ashton Memorial Fund towards the future of her young children, with future events planned, including one in Swinton Town Hall next week.