January 14, 2014 by News

Skills for employment and enterprise London OCN level 2

We are preparing young people for the job market as we offer free courses across London.


404 Not Found We are delivering two qualifications in three days with the popular OCN Level 2 course.

It prepares 16-24 year olds for the job market and possible interviews around the London Bridge Business Hub depending on the young persons determination.

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The Foundation works under the Sport for Development banner, which means charities which engage young people through sport, recreation and play as they are a fun way to learn values and lessons that will last a lifetime. Involvement in sport has been proven to boost people’s health, improve academic performance and help reduce crime.


Furthermore sport can help prepare young people to meet the challenges they will face and to take leadership roles within their communities.


In London, the Foundation delivers free OCN Skills for Employment and Enterprise Level 2 programmes for 16-24 years old around the London Bridge Business Hub twice a month where young people gain employability skills to help them get and sustain a job, whilst teaching them how to set up their own business.


Nicholas Osi-Kumanig, who passed the OCN Level 2 course in February, has already used the course and their partnerships to gain valuable work experience.


“The course was very useful,” said the 22-year-old. “It helped me gain links to the Shard (the 87-storey skyscraper at London Bridge) and a recruitment agency called ‘Good People’ and from these links I was able to go on more training courses and get interviews.”