June 23, 2014 News

Rio Ferdinand Foundation is running a Keepy Up competition

We are happy to announce that we will be running a Keepy Up competition from the 1st of June until the World Cup finish. Start practising your skills now and increase your chances of winning one of the three #5caps prizes


404 Not Found • Kick the ball and make sure it doesn’t touch the ground
• You can pair it up – maximum off 5 people
• The winners videos will be broadcast on our website
• You can use any part of the body except your arms
• Wheelchair users can use their hands
• Entries can maximum last 2 minutes
• The videos can be posted on our Facebook page or tweet us the link using the #RFFKeepyUp or send the video to our email address:


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The winner’s video will be uploaded on our social media.Rio doing Keepy Up

There will be three #5 caps prizes

  • 1 for most Kick Ups
  • 1 for the most creative Kick Ups
  • 1 for the funniest/dazzling Kick Ups