September 23, 2014 News

RFF hosted football tournament and dance sessions at ‘It’s a Knockout’

Manchester2The Rio Ferdinand Foundation was asked to put on a football tournament with the football cage and some dance sessions for the younger children, which our two ambassadors Beth and Michelle delivered.

The football and dance event was organised by Pendleton Together a housing organisation based in Pendleton to celebrate their 1st year anniversary in the area.

404 Not Found There were 13 teams taking part in the ‘Rio Ferdinand Pirates’ event and every team were fancy dressed.  The RFF team were all young people_GRJ0900 selected from our weekly dance and drama sessions based on their attendance and behaviour over the sessions. The RFF team consisted of 11 young people and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation’s girls actually won the event!

“It was a great honour and privilege to be asked to be part of both these events,” said Roy Thickett, RFF Project Coordinator. “All the staff and volunteers involved were all local young people and they were thrilled to be able to offer their services and to  help their peers in their local communities._GRJ1637

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“The events were a great success and everyone involved had a fantastic time over the two days. To win the It’s a Knockout is particularly pleasing for the girls for all the hard work they have put into dance and drama over the years and they are a wonderful tribute to young people and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation in Salford.”

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One 19 year old  young person in the football tournament was thrilled about winning his first ever medal in the football tournament and wore around the event with pride on Saturday.image

“I was really happy to be asked to take part in It’s a Knockout and when I was  asked  to be captain I was nervous but thrilled at leading our team,” said Chloe Morgan. “The games were really fun and we all got soaking wet and full of foam.

“Everyone was laughing and talking to other teams and we have all made new friends. It was great to win and beat the Police too!!! Really great event _GRJ1035and money was raised for local charities too, which makes us feel really good.”

The It’s a Knockout event was organised by George Blagden to help raise money for the Salfordian Hotel and the day raised nearly £3,000 and the trophy for It’s A Knockout was sponsored by Pendleton Together.

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