November 12, 2014 News

ROWDY RIO’S; A Radio Show discover what kind of activities young people like

1890This is an edited version of a creative consultation Sam was involved with as part of his secondment with The Rio Ferdinand Foundation. The idea was to use the format of a Radio Show to discover what kind of activities young people from the local area would like to see in the future. Hear the radio show here…

The drive of the young people involved was breathtaking and the issues they raised so passionately, especially when interviewing local councillor Richard Critchley, seemed to arise from widespread lack of provision.

404 Not Found 753Indeed even now as we try to implement a hip hop dance video project, designed to highlight the positive uses for the empty spaces within the Elsmere Shopping Centre, all we have encountered from partners and provision partners is silence or a complete disinterest in contributing towards the solutions to the “problems,” they themselves have raised.

We hope that the work and passion of those involved in this project will help those in the area rise from their slumber and realise that supporting the interests of young people is the way to support the positive future of the local area.

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The new project begins Friday 31st of October, running for six weeks in The Gateway, 2 Smith Street, Walkden, Salford M28 3EZ from 5.30 till 6.30pm. Entry is free and there will be opportunities to learn both street and hip-hop dance or film making techniques or both if you can super multitask.

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For more information email or call her on 07503745723.