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60 young people from London and Leigh Park in Audience with Rio Ferdinand

360 young people, boys and girls aged 14-16, attended the day which offered employability workshop and a football tournament, a great chance for these participants to meet other young people from Hammersmith & Fulham, Brent, East London and Leigh Park as well as experience a Q&A with Rio Ferdinand.

“It was great talking to the young people from my Foundation; the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, Big World Impact and QPR in the Community Trust,” said Rio Ferdinand.

404 Not Found “It is amazing being able to give back to the community 48by meeting some of these young people, who like me grew up on estates and tell them that they just need to keep working hard and anything is possible. I would also like to thank everyone involved for making this happen.”

Rio Ferdinand Foundation, Big World Impact and QPR in the Community Trust worked together in partnership to deliver an education and sports training day for young people from the respective organisations at QPR’s training ground.

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Gareth Dixon, Community Development Manager7 from QPR in the Community Trust said: “This is a tremendous opportunity for all those involved to take part in a fun, high class employability workshop delivered by Imperial College, pick Rio Ferdinand’s brains, one of the game’s greatest players and play football at a Premier League training ground.

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“On behalf of QPR in the Community Trust, I would like to say thanks to all those involved for helping to provide such a special environment that could be the catalyst and inspiration for change.” 118

Rio Ferdinand took the stage after he finished training with QPR’s first team, for 45 minutes of Q&A with Dan Edwards.

“It is really exciting that we are giving young people from Leigh Park,” said Julian Wadsworth MBE, Community Engagement Manager, Big World Impact said. “It is a life experience at QPR training ground to participate in a football competition and an opportunity to meet such an inspirational figure, Rio Ferdinand.

351 “We are very grateful to QPR Community Trust for hosting this event and to Rio Ferdinand for his passion, supporting young people around the employment and enterprise agenda.”

The employability workshop was delivered by Jason Yarrow from the Imperial College careers service, while the tournament was held at QPR’s first team’s training ground for the vulnerable young people.

Cillian Leahy, Project Manager, Rio Ferdinand Foundation said: 201“The Rio Ferdinand Foundation is committed to supporting young people into training, education and employment so the opportunity of an employability workshop with Imperial College is one we are very excited about.

“It will be a great day for all concerned and one we are delighted to be taking part in.”

Keep an eye out for all the Q&A’s coming on our website soon.

368“The day inspired me to want to achieve more in the future,” said participant Corrina, “And push myself in the tournament to work for the team to get a victory. It also gave us a sense of responsibility and showed us how important it is to work as a team.”

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