January 6, 2015 News


Michael Essien New Year’s message:

essien tweet crop#UnitedAgstEbola is an initiative to bring together influential people from all walks of life, to raise funds for EBOLA virus and disease EDUCATION in the whole of West Africa.

404 Not Found The Rio Ferdinand Foundation supports Michael Essien and his Foundation’s #UnitedAgstEbola campaign to prevent the spread of Ebola.

International Football Support: With football being a religion on the African continent and some of the world’s best originating from West Africa, the campaign hopes to use many footballers and their colleagues and friends from the rest of the world and West Africa as a whole.

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Faces and messages of footballers and entertainers who are regarded as heroes on the continent will go a long way to break some of the cultural myths in communities where governments and big institutions have challenges.

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Background information: This killer disease is affecting some West African countries badly and has the potential to spread to other parts of the region, the African continent and the world in large numbers if not curbed soon.

A preventative Educational and Awareness campaign is vital to support the medical efforts in both affected and non-affected countries in the region.

If the current infection rate is not addressed, the world could be looking at a complete economic and social shutdown in the affected regions and neighbouring areas given that the borders are very porous.

Health Africa International is an organization focused on the prevention and management of persistent but easily preventable diseases in Africa. They are a global network of carers, givers and educators, who believe that the answer to Africa’s most persistent health issues lies in the Power of Knowing.

“The Power of Knowing” is the advantage that comes with the knowing how and why diseases spread. It is believed that by sharing information about diseases, using languages and channels that connect with people at the grassroots level, Africans will be empowered to save themselves. If ‘knowing’ is half the battle, then the job is to close the knowledge gap among the people.

Therefore the objectives to inform people about how Ebola spreads, debunk prevailing myths about the disease and restore public trust in health workers and governments are important. We also intend to address cultural practices and superstitions that aggravate the spread of disease. We are most concerned about people at the grass roots level, in disadvantaged villages and communities. Some of the key ex footballers will join health workers in some communities.

Health Africa International is partnering Ernst & Young Ghana and will be liaising with their offices in West Africa to implement, monitor and evaluate the educational campaign on Ebola.

An unreceptive audience makes for wasted communication. This is why the campaigns are strategically tailored per selected communities in the West African region. Everything from communication channels to local opinion leaders to peculiar cultural and religious contexts is taken into consideration when designing the communication campaigns. This will ensure that our audience not only understood our message completely, but also receive it with goodwill.

Press Launch, Thursday 22nd January 2015, London.

Press enquiries / interviews: Helen Fairclough #UnitedAgstEbola Mobile. + 44 (0) 77 33 22 4564

Michael Essien New Year Press Statement:

“With more and more cases of Ebola emerging across the world and now into the UK, this New Year we must redouble all our efforts to beat this deadly virus.

“Please join my campaign #UnitedAgstEbola and see how our prevention work is fighting back, with the incredible support of many of my footballing allies.”

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