September 4, 2015 by News, Salford

Our Youth Sports Leaders Volunteer and Give Back to the Community!

On Tuesday the 28th of July 2015 The Rio Ferdinand Foundation’s young people embarked on a four day course to gain their Level 2 Community Sports Leadership Award.  The course itself was held in Salford, Greater Manchester, at The Salford Sports Village.


404 Not Found The nationally recognised Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership qualifies learners to lead groups of people in sport/activity under indirect supervision.  It teaches valuable leadership skills including organisation, planning, communication and teamwork through the medium of sport. Building on the passions and interests of young people, to develop them into community role models.

The course was lead by the Foundation’s London Programme Manager, Ryan Bish. Ryan’s enthusiasm, charisma and insight into London youth culture had a massive impact on the young people present. His story provided an example of positive leadership, and being a role model in the community.

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One of the tasks involved the group creating an image of what they perceive as a good role model, what qualities they might have and how they may look.  As you can imagine, this led to some very interesting characters being created!


The course involved both classroom work as well as outdoor sports activities. The final assessment required learners to carefully plan, set-up and deliver an inclusive sport\activity session for their peers.

For the final day another brilliant role model and an Ambassador for The Rio Ferdinand Foundation, Ibrahim, travelled to Manchester to assess the young people, all of whom passed with flying colours!


The course was a huge success and has gone on to make a real impact on the community. All of the young people involved have passed and have surpassed the required 10 hour volunteering requirement for the course… showing their commitment to giving back to the community!


Level 2 Sports Leaders Photo

One of our young people, Kendall, said: “I really enjoyed it, I’m surprised with how many people turned out for it and I have meet some fantastic people along the way”.

Another of our young people Jerrell said: “It has been a great experience, I’ve met new people, made new friends and it was really interesting to see other people’s sessions”.

The Rio Ferdinand Foundation strives to support young people’s personal development, using sports and creative media to build confidence, raise aspirations and improve life skills, empowering them to become local role models. Building a brighter future for themselves and their communities.