February 2, 2016 by News, Salford

Salford Youth Council Making Big Strides Towards a Better Future!!!

On Tuesday the 19th of January 2016 the Rio Ferdinand Foundation’s Salford team took a trip to The Beacon Centre, Salford, to sit in on a meeting being held by the young people of the Salford Youth Council.


404 Not Found The Salford Youth Council is a forum that represents the views of young people at a community level with the aim to voice the opinions and concerns of the young people in Salford by addressing certain issues and creating new opportunities.  They use different methods to address these issues, such as influencing decisions, encouraging young people to speak publicly about their needs and well being as well as using projects, campaigns and workshops to make a difference to young people’s lives.

Comprising of several pro-active young people the Salford Youth Council has been working towards a better future for themselves, their fellow students and their community.  They hold regular meetings every 1st Tuesday of the month at the Salford Civic Centre from 5.30pm until 8.30pm and every 3rd Tuesday of the month 5.00pm – 7.00pm at the Beacon Youth Centre.

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These meetings are orchestrated by Laura Edwards, a member of Young Parliament, and is attended by students from the local area who believe there are issues young people have to face that are not being addressed by older generations.

Here at the Rio Ferdinand Foundation we wanted to celebrate all the fantastic work the Salford Youth Council has been doing for their community. We took time to interview Wiktoria and Bethany, two enthusiastic members of the Youth Council, to get their point of view!

Q: So guys, what is the Salford Youth Council??

A:  ‘The Salford Youth Council is made up of young people from the ages of 11 – 18 and up to 25 if they have a disability.  We use campaigns to target issues within the local community.  We believe that the youth are not being listened to and that if young people were more involved it would benefit them a lot more as well as benefitting the community as a whole.’

Q: What does the Youth Council hope to achieve i.e. what are it’s main aims and goals for the young people it supports?

A: ‘We sets aims and goals depending on topics or issues that we believe need to be addressed.  If we see something in the media that we find interesting we set a campaign or project to deal with that issue.’

Q: What are some of the issues you face as a Youth Council?

A:  ‘Mental Health has been a big topic recently. We ran a campaign called Frame Of Mind which was launched to help young people understand mental health more.  A lot of young people don’t really understand what mental health is.  Mental health can mean a lot more than some people think.’

Q: What actions do you believe are required to deal with an issue as important as mental health?

A: ‘Awareness and understanding is really important. We believe by helping to educate people on what mental health is and what to do if they feel there is a problem young people will feel a lot more supported.  A lot of people hide their issues because they are scared they are going to get picked on or bullied.’

Q: Where does the Salford Youth Council see itself in the future?

A:  ‘We hope to have more members attending the Youth Council, lead more campaigns and work on more challenging topics!’

Q: How can the Rio Ferdinand Foundation help the Youth Council?

A: ‘We think the Rio Ferdinand Foundation could help us to set up and support some of our campaigns and build a network of help for our young people.’

Q: How can the Rio Ferdinand Foundation support you as individuals?

A: ‘I think by helping us to gain work experience and placements. Also by having an outlet for stress. School and college brings a lot of pressure especially in terms of getting a job.  We think by having something fun and entertaining to do it would really help to ease pressure and make the search for work a lot less stressful!’

Q: And finally, if a young person wanted to get involved with the Salford Youth Council how might they go about doing so?

A: ‘If people want to get involved they can speak to Martyn Shaw at the Salford Council or talk to Laura Edwards (Member of Young Parliament).  We also have a Facebook and Twitter page and you can also find out more information from the Wuu2 website.’


Victoria Lowe, Programme Manager of RFF Salford quotes ‘To celebrate the achievements of the youth council the Rio Ferdinand Foundation and Contact Theatre will be taking the young people to see Contact’s The Broke N Beat performance as a treat! This multi arts and musical showcase focuses on some of the campaigns the young people have been working hard to raise awareness of, such as mental health. We look forward to working alongside the Youth Council in the following months. Well done on all of your achievements!’

The Rio Ferdinand Foundation strives to support young people within the community using creative arts, sports and media to build confidence, raise aspirations and improve life skills. Empowering young people to become local role models and inspire their communities.

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