April 1, 2016 by London, News

RFF Media and Communications Intern Tia Alleyne Has Been Making Waves in London!

Late last year the Rio Ferdinand Foundation brought on board a new Media and Communication Intern, Tia Alleyne! Since Tia has been with the Foundation she has been a valuable asset and a dedicated member of the team in London. We though it was only right to give people some insight into Tia’s role within the Foundation and her aspirations for the future!


404 Not Found Tia is a student at the BCE College in east London studying creative and digital media and hopes one day to work within the Media industry. Her main roles with RFF is to help produce and implement a co-ordinated social media strategy. She is responsible for daily tweets and Facebook posts from our events and initiatives in London.  She also helps to forge links with other organisations and partners via social media thus growing the Foundation’s network.

Although Tia’s main responsibilities lie within the media side of the Foundation she has also been heavily involved in delivering and staffing events and qualifications in and around London. Whilst working with RFF Tia helped Programme Manager Ryan Bish to plan and deliver sessions for young people on “healthy lifestyles” for a community sports leadership course. During this time she designed a presentation and presented it to the young people whilst giving them some activities to do to ensure that they enjoyed it and felt a part of the presentation.

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Tia has a keen passion for photography and Media. last year she attended the London Fashion Week show in Holborn, where she was provided a press pass and given the opportunity to be a photographer for the show. She was also had the chance to be a photographer for several boxing events with the support of boxing promoter Billy James Elliot.

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Over the last few months Tia has been working on a campaign against youth crime. After carrying out research on crime rates and youth club correlations in Lewisham, Southwark and Lambeth she started doing some of her own research. During this research she came across a lot of young people who had their lives cut short by youth on youth crime and decided, with the backing of the Foundation, to turn her research into a Campaign!


Tia had this to say: ‘I’m thinking to get Rio, The mayors of each borough, music artists and young people involved in this. My aim is to provide young people with a purpose, they need motivation and something to stimulate them, something to make them want to get out of bed in the morning for and look forward to. I want to be able to give their lives meaning so that they appreciate their lives more and don’t want to get involved with crime’

Everybody at the Rio Ferdinand Foundation would like to say a huge thank you to Tia for all her hard work and commitment!!! We look forward to seeing much more from this talented individual in the future!


The Rio Ferdinand Foundation strives to support young people’s personal development, using sports, creative arts and media to build confidence, raise aspirations and improve life skills. Empowering them to become local role models, helping to build a brighter future, not only for themselves but also for their communities.