January 14, 2013 by London, News

Rio signs for Palace…to tackle Croydon gang culture

London, UK – The Rio Ferdinand Foundation joined a consortia of community organisations led by the Crystal Palace FC Foundation and including Potential, All-Inclusive and SR Expression who were successful in a tender to divert young adults away from gang crime and youth violence.

The initiative is part of a wider programme of action coordinated by Croydon Council, the Met Police and Croydon Voluntary Action and will see intensive work with young adults aged 17-24 who have been involved in gang related crime, linking them up to training and employment opportunities, including direct employment within Crystal Palace FC.

404 Not Found Lifelong Palace fan and Greater London Assembly Member Steve O’Connell said:
“Bringing local organisations together that can get to the parts of the community that other larger organisations can’t reach is really quite clever and something that other local authorities can learn from.”

Rio Ferdinand said:
“Growing up in south London I’ve seen for myself how young people with lots of promise ruin their lives by getting caught up in gangs and crime in general.

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“I’m extremely confident that this programme can address some of the very complex reasons why this happens and delighted to be involved in helping to do something about it.”

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