June 9, 2016 by News, Salford

Children of Lark Hill Primary School Enjoy Afternoon Of Film And Music Through RFF Youth Leaders Programme!!!

IMG_2849On the afternoon of Monday the 6th of June students from UTCMediaCityUk began their second week of the Youth Leaders Programme at Lark Hill Primary School, Salford.

This after school programme consisted of two workshops being delivered to the young children of Lark Hill, their themes? Music and film!

404 Not Found The first week consisted of introductions and ice-breakers whilst the second week was designed to be centred around how the programme will be orchestrated over the next few sessions, focusing on what outcomes the young people willIMG_2830 be aiming towards and what kind of fun activities will be in store for them!

The music project entailed several mini games to help the young people understand what constitutes as a rhyme and how to use rhyming words in song writing as well as giving them an understanding of how to create a rhythm.
The highlight of the afternoon involved the young people playing a game called “higher or
This involved them jumping up or sitting down when anote from the keyboard was either higher or lower than the previous, needless to say this created some real comical moments during the session!

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IMG_2841The girls film project was guided towards the lay out of their short film and to make sense of how this will play out. Roles were delegated for the production of the film along side showing the young people how to use cameras and hand-held camcorders!

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All in all, the young people had a fantastic afternoon full of fun and excitement.  We are so proud of the students who have been spending their time to become peer mentors to this younger generation and in-turn giving back to their local community and providing a brighter future for themselves and the children of Lark Hill!