#Achievers is a Rio Ferdinand Foundation Youth Leadership Programme funded by Lord Glendonbrook CBE created to produce encouraging ambitions for young people, through a series of personal and social development initiatives. Using the learning and methodology from our effective Inspiring Youth Leaders Programme in Manchester, we decided to recreate a similar one in London.

The Programme focuses on an array of young people who have been carefully selected from our different projects across London to take ownership of the Programme based on their natural leadership skills.

#Achievers enhances each young person’s skills so they can be recognised and celebrated by society in a positive light. This summer through the Programme, the #Achievers will gain a training qualification through our accredited curriculum, as well as take control of activities happening in their own communities.

After a summer of fun and creative community Programmes, we will be running an event alongside Lord Glendonbrook CBE, to award the young people that were a part of the initiative for their hard work.

Overall, the #Achievers Youth Leader’s Programme aims to encourage young people to take part in a variety of positive youth initiatives that are designed to boost life skills, aspirations, and social action initiatives.

To find out more about the Programme or to get involved please contact our London team.

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