BT Work Ready Programme

Our award-winning partnership programme with BT supports young people (aged 14 – 21) into education, training and employment.

Launched in February 2016, the programme provides a graduated pathway from grass-roots engagement to work experience and vocational training within BT. Year one worked with hundreds of young people across London and Doncaster before expanding to Manchester and Belfast.

The bespoke partnership initiative progresses young people from our community-based youth development and training initiatives to graduate onto the BT ‘Work Ready’ programme. This is a perfect progression pathway for many of our young people who are becoming more confident in themselves and open to new experiences, and begins with the BT Skills for Work ‘Boot Camp’ ran by BT volunteers. Having broadened young people’s horizons those interested graduate onto a seven-week traineeship with BT which includes BTECs in Work skills, Maths & English, Tech Literacy and Business Administration. From here, young people have access to the BT Apprenticeship portal and are supported into opportunities with BT as well as employers involved in the wider Movement to Work UK-wide initiative.

For many of these young people, when they first begin their journey with the Foundation, the idea of achieving anything of this nature is completely unachievable for them. Many have come from families of generational worklessness and lack a sense of self-belief or any positive role models at home. By partnering with a forward-thinking employer like BT, our collaborative ‘Work Ready’ programme has demystified the world of work for these young people and provides them with positive pathways to achievement. 

For more information or to get involved with your local Work Ready programme please contact a member of the team.

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