My name is Madison McKay I am 14 years old and have been doing activities with the foundation for approximately eight months. I started with the GoGirl project where I was introduced to the meaning of mental health and did various activities surrounding it. Victoria and Nikki where very welcoming to the activities making nobody feel left out or awkward. During the day they had Phil who is a boxing coach come and give us all a taster session on boxing. I had never participated in this sport before and enjoyed it so much. Phil encouraged me by saying that he thinks I have great potential and said I should look at doing boxing local to me this made me feel exited and confident, so I recently joined my local boxing club and I’m progressing further into my team.

I started work experience this week and am enjoying it so much, I feel like I am part of the team and feel comfortable asking questions and talking to them I have been working on inputting information into their systems, so they have the correct stats. I have completed many small tasks which have helped me understand the week of a working person. They asked me what I was interested in doing toward the future as my set goal so I said radio and they booked me a tour around Reform Radio, which is incredible and arranged so quickly. I got to look at all of their mixing tables and get a glimpse at what I could possibly do in the future to be a radio member.

They have really made me feel comfortable and relaxed in there working environment and hope to be doing more projects with them very soon thank you so much.

Madison McKay