RFFManchester present at BNI Bury Stronghold; Shaping your Business Future

On Thursday 21st September the RFFManchester team were invited to be guest speakers at the BNI event; Shaping your business future

BNI (Business Network International) is a worldwide networking group that has over 200,000 members and over 7,500 local chapters (which are kind of like a group or club) where small businesses meet and promote referrals to one another. It provides support and a networking community for small business owners.

RFF Manchester was there to explain how putting passionate volunteers into your organisation can help to make your business more successful.

Sometimes the idea of approaching a business and looking for work experience can be quite a daunting experience for a young person, so RFF acts like a bridge to help young people form a relationship with local employers and give that all important support to make sure both the young person and the employer can get the most out of the experience.

This is done by co-designing a personal development plan in which we set expectations, monitor their progress and form case studies.

It’s all about being able to give young people a taste of what the working world is like! To help them make more informed decisions going forward, whilst also bring benefits to a business such as motivating and empowering employees, developing skills and attracting the right kind of work force!

There are many different forms a business partnership can take, some examples include getting young people to support an area of a business that they are a natural expert in such as social media or it could be a day of skill swapping in which employees come and volunteer for RFF!!! Another way a business can help is by sponsoring a young person through our Youth Leaders programme, which enables a young person aged 14-25 to design, fundraise and deliver their own social action project that enhances skills from managing to budgeting

Alternatively being able to offer a professional 1-2-1 mentoring session to support one of our young people to set up their own business would be fantastic

If you are reading this and think it could be something for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via telephone +44 (0) 7375701950 or by emailing anna@rioferdinandfoundation.com

RFFManchester would like to thank BNI Bury Stronghold, and in particular Siaed from Therapy First for giving us this opportunity.