A celebration of young and emerging creatives: EITE VOL 2

Curator and film maker, Adam Ali, is on our young people to come through our Inspiring Youth Leaders programme. We caught up with Adam at the latest edition of his exhibition ‘Eighteen In Twenty Eighteen’ to see how the concept had developed from his first exhibition supported by #RFFManchester.

The opening of EITE Vol 2 took place Thursday 22nd November at Goodstock on Oxford Road. Adam filled three floors with art made by young and emerging creatives. Throughout the night there were performances, workshops and live music provided by Reform Radio. The atmosphere was electric and buzzing with young creatives.

Adam creates opportunities for young artists to inhabit non-conformist gallery spaces. By facilitating these young artists he creates a supportive and active community of creatives in the city. He shows that you don’t need to have your work in a gallery to be seen. You can take over a space such as a shop or cafe and create a pop-up that engages the public in a different way.

This DIY culture creates a more diverse art scene, whereby if there isn’t a space for you, you create it yourself out of frustration and determination for young creatives to be recognised and seen in the city.

We are already looking forward to what next volume of EITE entails.