Chop Chop

‘I would like to curate an exhibition for young people who are interested in art to be given a space to present it. Their art can take any form e.g digital art, photography, video and of course regular physical pieces of artwork all together in one space with the artists present to talk about their work and network. I want to produce this event because Manchester’s young art scene is full of talented individuals who are up to exciting things, especially on social media. Bringing young like-minded people together will be a big accomplishment. #FRESHMANCARTISTS




CHOP CHOP creates space for art to flourish and will be a series of art events held. Led by myself, Adam Ali with support from Rio Ferdinand Foundation and VInspired, CHOP CHOP is holding a contemporary art exhibition which will house art from 12 different bold young artists.

Titled: Eighteen in Twenty Eighteen.

Th exhibition will hold art reflective of the youth existent in today’s Manchester, exploring their individual identity, raising awareness of various gender and cultural issues and the world around them. The art you can expect will take form in video installations, fashion, photography, as well as classic canvas art.

Witness the exciting new wave of emerging artists from your city.


Ticket Link for the event: http://bit.ly/2DRrKQ4