#HACK6 Day 1

When we came here today, we were expecting to see a lot of havoc and screaming kids. We were pleasantly surprised by the organisation of the event and participants concentration. We have a little bit of knowledge of coding but not as much as the people that are taking part.

As RFF volunteers, we were given the task to support and help the participants to HACK a solution to a digital problem set by local businesses and help around the event generally.  Wewanted to get involved with Tameside Hack Event to boost our confidence and digital skills, meet new people and gain some amazing work experience for our c.v’s.

The overall event was diverse and welcoming, even though it’s a competition the participants were friendly towards each other, accepting the age difference and working in teams to compete for amazing prizes! We wish we could’ve entered because of the incredible opportunities presented which really astounded us as volunteers and the mentors wandering around.

The talent spread throughout the event was impressive- ESPECIALLY for us! It exceeded our own and even taught us a thing or two about the coding world! Not only were the participants talented, but there were a variety of ages from 11-18. This was a great way to bring the age groups together- but don’t take our word for it, here are a few quotes from the participants;

It’s a wonderful experience” -Cameron, Age 15

It’s great for teamwork, it brings different age groups together and work on a project developing new skills along the way” -Curtis, Age 19

We came here to learn new things on coding!” – Amelia, Age 11

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase our talent” -Dominic, Age 12


Tomorrow will be the final day and all groups will present their digital solutions to the businesses and win prizes- we’re looking forward to it!

-Volunteers Charlotte, Madison and Paige with The Rio Ferdinand Foundation

RFF would like to thank our funders at the Big Lottery and partners Tameside Council.