Honest discussions at the Moss Side Powerhouse

This week our youth leaders were discussing what the Rio Ferdinand Foundation means to them and how it has helped them progress for the future. Despite the name its not just sports, our young people have been discussing art, music and journalism, and how RFF has provided them with the basic skills to progress, whether that be into employment or education.

CONFIDENCE, SKILLS and DIRECTION were some of the key responses we received from our young people. All strengths which make our young people feel empowered to create their own projects based on their individual interests in order to be the agents of their own success. Our strength is in our diversity of participants and the inspiring projects they bring to the table.

Our young people have created a supportive community in which they encourage each other to thrive and be open about their experiences. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing these young individuals become strong independent adults, inspiring the next generation to become team leaders. Here at the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, we couldn’t be prouder!

How better to celebrate a successful session, than with pizza to put Pisa to shame!

Thank you to Moss Side Powerhouse for hosting the session, as well as Sharon Jones from Activate Together Ltd for supporting the session. And most of all, thank you to our lovely young people who have made the Rio Ferdinand Foundation what it is today.