Jordan’s Poem

Although times are strange, and there’s lots of change
What good has come out of staying the same?
As we turn the page and close the schools
I have time to rest under my new rules
I am safe at home, the best place to be
All this change, aint changing me
So when lockdown arrives, and I aint havin a great time
I will remember to call my friends on facetime
Don’t be feeling stressed, don’t be feeling down
Be feeling blessed to have family around
I can listen to music or learn to cook
Or finally finish my favourite book
Mcdonalds is closed, no extra fries
The gym is closed, I can still exercise
I can go for a walk, or even a run
10 thousand steps and then I’m done
No exams, causing great distress
Grades aren’t a measure, of your success
But we must address how I progress
Please have faith in the pro – cess
Your dreams don’t stop, they’re just on hold
Times like these we must re-main bold
Stand together we will not fold
And life will continue as we know
School is open, moved onto college
Feeling thankful for all the knowledge
I learnt alone, through google chrome
Typed just 2 words, I can learn from home
Khan Academy is quite special
From GCSE, to A-level
Although school was closed, I continued learning
Which gave me skills, made my future certain
Every where is busy, no longer a ghost town
I kinda miss 2020 lockdown