Sports Leaders Awards

RFF Manchester came to Albion Academy in Salford to train up a group of Year 9 pupils for their L1 Sports Leadership Award. The training provides young people with the confidence to lead and plan a session of their choice. Here is an insight into our first training session with the Albion girls.

To kick start their first day in the sports leadership programme we asked the pupils, ‘What is a leader?’ to get them to think about the qualities a leader should possess.

Supportive; helpful; in control; brings the team together – were some of the responses we received from pupils.

When asked ‘Who is a leader?’, the pupils looked at figures in their lives, such as their mum or their head of year, as examples of people who are a leader.

We set our young people a task of creating a good leader and a bad leader to represent the qualities and differences they may have and how this may reflect on their practise as a leader.

Once we’d established what a good leader is, we ran a group session to show what a good session includes.  Some of they key themes taken away by pupils, was that the session had to be active, inclusive, organised – as well as include a warm up!

We put our pupils into groups to plan and deliver their own sessions. Through working together as a team the pupils delivered their first session to the rest of the group.

Throughout the week, the pupils continued to develop their skills in sports leadership. At the end of the week the girls were assessed on their new skills in planning, organising and delivering a session to a group of other young people. Each pupil was accredited with a L1 Sports Leaders Award by Sports Leaders UK.