Thriller Music Video

Nell and Mia wanted to create a music video for the kids in their local community. This involved teaching a dance routine and getting them into character. They decided dressing them up as little zombies would be a great idea, and their initial thought was Thriller by Micheal Jackson…

On second thoughts it was maybe a bit scary to be showing small children, so they settled on a family friendly glee version. Some thing a little more upbeat..

But how to create an army of little Zombies? RFF Manchester teamed the girls up with a professional makeup artist who showed them how to do professional standard Zombie make up that they could easily reproduce on the kids. Both Nell and Mia are interested in make up so they also learnt some sfx make up techniques that they can use to build up a portfolio. After these sessions, Nell created her own instagram, buying up an online portfolio of her work. Take a look at it here: http://bit.ly/2nzxOWC

Next, the girls had to learn how to teach a dance as well as making up the routine. For this they had the help of professional dance mentor Olivia, who has lots of experience of delivering these kinds of projects. First off they spent time looking at videos of both the original Thriller alongside some videos of different types of contemporary dance. From here they picked elements of each that they liked and these provided the basis of their routine. They were also shown suitable warm up exercises for the topic and age of the participants. Take a look at the video below of an out take from their practice: