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On this sunny idyllic day, I had the pleasure of hosting an interview on RFF’s Instagram Live with Acedia Rahman. Based in Manchester, Acedia is a young multidisciplinary artist , initially using poetry and performance and most recently launched his jewellery design business Lotus Light. He handcrafts unique and eccentric jewellery on DEPOP. To celebrate pride month, we spoke extensively about the importance of visibility in the face of adversity and how to overcome those challenging obstacles POC queer young people inevitably come in contact. I really enjoyed connecting with Acedia and finding camaraderie, it was very empowering because we agreed the big takeaway for all young people should be to stand all in your shoes and celebrate your difference.

On the subject of wellness and wellbeing, we both agreed we’d like to recommend using apps that allow guided meditation. These soothing and calming exercises will lead the mediation and allow you to switch off and just listen to their voice as you focus on your breath and mind. A very useful tool for young people with anxiety of any sort and creatives struggling to be productive. Another useful note is to be wary of the food you’re putting in your body. A mixed balanced diet is a must for overall good mental health and wellness. Finally, our last tip is to keep a TO DO LIST. These are fantastic and help ensure your days are as productive as possible, especially when your errands are piling up and you’re forgetful.

In the wise words of RuPaul “Reading is fundamental”. We’ve curated essential reading for those who would like to learn and educate themselves on LGBT topics. More importantly these books support queer authors allowing for money to be allocated to people who need it the most.

AMROU AL KADHI AKA GLAMROU – UNICORN: The Memoir of a Muslim Drag Queen

James Baldwin – Giovanni’s Room

Fatima Asghar- If they come for us

Audre Lorde – The Cancer Journals

Written by Adam Ali @AdamSincerely

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To celebrate pride month, we invited @adamsincerely to host an interview with poet and artist @acethepomegranate . They spoke about growing up in Manchester, discovering the arts, quarantine shenanigans and what pride and the queer experience means to them. #pridemonth #LGBT

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