Jess opens up about Worth My Wellbeing

RFF Youth Leader, Jess, did a dance project around her own mental health experiences that was part of the inspiration behind Worth My Wellbeing. We chatted to Jess about her project and Worth My Wellbeing to get her take on why it’s so important for young people to feel comfortable opening up about their mental health.


Can you explain what your project was about and why you chose to focus it on mental health?
My project was based around me and my life story and I created a dance/narrative piece that represented different stages throughout my life
How did you feel after doing your project? Did it have a positive impact on your mental health?

I felt empowered during and after my dance piece as I knew that I wanted to get my feelings out there to people that were close to me. It meant a lot to me as it has given me closure about my past and my mental health become better since my performance

How does it feel to know that your project with the foundation inspired WMWB?

To know that my project inspired WMWB project makes me feel happy as I know that something so important to me is helping other people with how they are feeling

can you tell us a bit about your own experience with mental health?

My own experience with mental health has been a rollercoaster really as it was something that built over time and it was a really emotional period of my life

Why do you feel it is important to talk openly about mental health?

I feel like it is important to talk openly about mental health as I now know that you are not alone with what you are feeling and your own experiences can impact on somebody else’s life

How important and impactful are projects like WMWB for young people?

Projects like WMWB are so important and impactful on young people as it can encourage them to speak up about how they have felt during the past and how they overcame it and it can inspire other young people to do the same

Why would you encourage other young people to get involved with WMWB?

I would encourage other young people to get involved with WMWB as it is important to do something that can help you and your mental health but also you can find friends through these types of projects which will let you relate to that person on a level that you may not be able to with someone from school. It is also a fun and enjoyable experience to do and you can learn more about different things


For more information on Worth My Wellbeing click here and to get involved please email victoria@rioferdinandfoundation.com.