Youth Voices

Amplifying Youth Voice to Drive Social Change

We are thrilled to be inviting young people aged 14 – 21 from across the UK to join our Youth Voices programme, in partnership with the Co-Op, and part of the Hope2020 campaign.

The Hope2020 campaign, which centers on the 20th Anniversary of Damilola Taylor’s death,
originally started out as youth-led campaign to tackle the issue of youth violence across London. Given the Covid-19 situation this year, the campaign has evolved into a national campaign of Hope for young people and their communities, rebuilding post-Covid.

Youth Voices provides online workshops and training which can be selected to create bespoke journey’s through the programme and completed at an individuals’ or groups own pace. This includes a daily menu of workshops delivered every week from September to December.

Through the Youth Voices programme we aim to give young people the guidance, support and
tools they need to create impactful campaign pieces and social action projects which make
their voices heard, share their hopes for the future and drive meaningful social change for
their communities.

Final campaign pieces will be shared as part of the national Hope2020 campaign and young
people involved will have the opportunity to become Community Influencers as part of our ongoing commitment to amplifying youth voice.

To join the programme, please visit and either book the courses direct or speak with Hayley at the Foundation team via email or social media.

Youth Voices Partners Pack