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Boshra’s YouTube Vlog

Young leader Boshra has ambitions of becoming TV presenter and wanted help from the Foundation in setting up her own YouTube channel to create a series of vlogs. We teamed her up with a professional mentor who has been working in TV and Radio for over 10 years. Boshra learnt the basics of filming and editing for her vlog, but also was given an insight into the industry that she one day hopes to work in. Check out what Boshra’s  first video…



Since then, Boshra has taken part in the SpeakUp Challenge. The SpeakUp challenge consists of a series of workshops that help participants develop their public speaking skills before ending with each participant giving a TED talk style presentation in front of a large group of people.

Boshra spoke confidently and passionately about her topic – self love and beauty. Check out the pictures and her behind the scenes video!

Stay tuned for more from Boshra!