Training Curriculum

Our team deliver a range of bespoke workshops and accredited training to suit the needs of our young people. Our Youth Leaders curriculum was specifically developed and tailored to support young people to raise their aspirations to achieve, give them the skills to work in their community and enhance their employability levels and life prospects.

Our in-house training includes:

Accredited courses:

Non-Accredited courses & workshops:

Our specialist team works closely with learners to set achievable goals and reach specific milestones. We also work with external partners and agencies to signpost young people to other educational opportunities for example in NGB Coaching qualifications or media and creative industries training.

Working with the Open College Network and Active Communities Network we have developed the following two courses, and these will usually be delivered alongside participation in social action projects

Inspiring Youth Leaders


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5 Star Active

BT Work Ready

Rios Rising Stars

Bright Futures

Invest in Youth Work

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Training Curriculum