Josh has just completed RFF Manchester’s Youth Leaders Programme!!  

RFF met Josh at a Youth Leaders taster session we held at his school, Walkden High in Salford before they broke up for the summer holidays last year. Josh stood out as the ideal candidate for the programme so we were happy when he got in touch after the holidays were over wanting to run this own project. 

 Josh decided to design a football project consisting of putting on an after-school football club at his old primary school, St Pauls Peel C of E in Little Hulton, Salford. He decided to hold it for year 4 students as there wasn’t many opportunities for this age group. Josh designed the letter of consent to go out to the parents along with coming up with a flyer to recruit for players! He learnt other valuable project management skills such as completing health and safety forms to ensure the project could take place, coordinating volunteers and workshop planning. Josh decided that he wanted to do a series of coaching sessions leading up to a match against another local primary school, so set up a match against St Edmunds Primary School.  

 Paired up with professional mentor Jordan, they were able to plan sessions to deliver to the year 4’s! 

 The sessions were fantastic and were met with lots of enthusiasm from the players. Programme Coordinator Nikki said ‘We all really enjoyed spending the past 6 weeks with the group who were so pleasant and enthusiastic - despite the weather they gave it their all every week. We noticed a massive improvement in each of them from the first week right through to the match, and although they didn’t get the result they wanted they should be so proud of themselves’  

 Professional mentor Jordan told us how “The best part about this project for me was working with the next generation of Youth Leaders and having the chance to inspire future generations.” 

RFF Manchester would like to thank our funders the Big Lottery alongside project partners St Pauls Peel C of E Primary School and St Edmunds for enabling this opportunity to take place!