Rio Ferdinand set up his Foundation in 2012 so that he could have a closer relationship with his charitable work and tackle social issues important to him. Recognising that sports, media and the creative arts are great motivating factors for young people, RFF utilise those mediums and Rio’s connections within those industries, to provide a pathway for youth development.

Our Sessional Sports Volunteer opportunity is a fantastic way to start or gain more experience and improve your knowledge in your own coaching journey. You will be working alongside our qualified sporting staff to learn how to plan, develop and run different sporting sessions which will help develop enhance the skills of participants. This is a great opportunity to learn different skills in various sporting activates as well as training in sports leadership and mentoring.

We have made it our mission to inspire young people and give them the tools they need to tap into their talents and reach their potential. Our vision is to help create confident and skilled young people who are able to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Our work is guided by the belief that with the right support, role models, and opportunities, young people can achieve great things. To this end, our work unites the efforts of a host of partners, who share our vision, offering a range of education and employment pathways for our young people.

Each young persons’ journey with us is as unique as they are and based on their individual skills and motivations. The infographic below illustrates our approach to working with young people developed through years of practical experience and sector research.

Day to Day Tasks

·         Plan coaching sessions with our experienced staff

·         Deliver coaching sessions at our community projects

·         Promote the community projects at certain boroughs

·         Monitor attendances at the community projects

·         Work with young people to improve the community projects

·         Mentor young people and help develop their skills

·         Attend our Sporting and Training workshop and qualifications

·         Create caste studies and report on the project


·          We’d ideally like someone to commit to Mondays between 6pm-8.30pm, Tuesdays between 4.45pm-7.30pm and Fridays 5.15pm-7.30pm

·         We will reimburse reasonable travel expenses against receipts

Benefits to the volunteers

·         Keep abreast of developments in services and legislation for young people relevant to the tasks and responsibilities

·         FA Level one, other multi-sport qualifications

·         An understanding of sport and young people

·         To be able to learn adapt to different challenges in a positive way


·         Will help plan and deliver sport and youth activities.

·         Will help support you to prepare for sessions and deliver the programme’s activities

·         Will support you in monitoring and evaluating the success of the projects activities

·         Will assist you in general tasks such as ordering kit and equipment and booking facilities

·         Will mentor and guide you through your coaching education

·         We will support you to improve your own performance, contribution, knowledge, and skills and participate in training and developmental activities as required


To apply follow the link: