Youth Leaders Workshop at Walkden High School


On Wednesday 12th July, the Rio Ferdinand Foundation ran a Youth Leaders Workshop at Walkden High School, offering a one-day taster of what our Youth Leadership programme has to offer!!! Around 30 pupils of different ages took part, all collaborating for a jam-packed day of fun games surrounding the themes of team work and leadership! The day ended with the young people creating their very own social action projects and presenting these ideas back to the group.

Throughout the day they learnt about the different aspects of what makes a good leader such as communication, teamwork, trust, skill sharing and problem solving. One of the ways in which this was achieved was by playing the sandwich game!! In which each team represented a different sandwich business, with a different budget. They had to choose ingredients to make up their product depending on the budget given to them, and then present their brief back to the group. This involved collaboration, negotiation, budgeting and planning; all attributes needed for effective leadership, there was a whole room of youth leaders judging from the ideas presented by each team, with innovative ideas such as making toasties, branding such as calcium boosters to mascots consisting of Susie the Sandwich and Brad the Baguette!

In light of the exercises carried out throughout the morning the young people were asked to then draft up their own project idea. The young people were asked to choose an activity such as sport, drama, music or photography as a method to tackle an issue that might be prevalent in their community such as bullying, body image or challenging stereotypes. They all came up with project plans, which included aims, challenges they could face, session planning, equipment and cost. Once again, we were massively impressed by the ideas, some of which included sports clubs to get young people more healthy and raising mental health awareness.

We all had a great day, and can’t wait to see what #RFF Youth Leadership Programme Projects come from this opportunity!

The Rio Ferdinand Foundation would like to thank our funders the Big Lottery and our partners at Reform Radio and Walkden High School for their support with this project.